Life Is Short, Cut Your Hair

They say the third time is a charm. And I guess I had to know for myself and do it again.

My scissor happy self has reached its ultimate climax and is now fully satisfied. Some of you may ask why: I felt like even though I had cut my hair and I felt amazing, I also felt like I could still go shorter. Not a complete fade, but a bolder cut.


So as a woman of action (one of my new years resolutions by the way) I went to my favorite barber and he did everything right. Literally, he took his time and cut my hair exactly how I wanted it, making me feel comfortable all the way through. Thanks again Fresh Prince the Barber!!

(You can find him on Instagram: @freshprince_thebarber ; on Facebook: @Fresh Prince the Barber @Hair Kingdom; Trust me Kings and Queens it will be worth it 🙂

Starting over can be very intimidating at times but it can also cause you to bloom in a way you would have never imagined!!

Here’s to blooming!

Love always,


3 thoughts on “Life Is Short, Cut Your Hair

  1. I love love your site! It gives me live. In other words, I’m sooo proud of you for finding your passion in what you do and turning it into such an amazing blog where we can learn a lot from ❤️

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