Pros and Cons of my short hair

It’s my first post of the year. And I’ve been working and cooking some stuff up for you guys. So excuse my absence..

I have decided to write about something I’ve been dying to share with you since my second big chop:

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Pros and Cons of my short hair
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Pros and Cons of my short hair

Pros and Cons of my short hair

Now that I’ve had short hair for a while, I can finally set up a realistic pros and cons list

(This is my take on short hair, remember every hair journey is different)

Let’s start with the good

1. Shorter wash days

The longer the hair the longer your wash day. The shorter the hair.. Well I think you can end the sentence yourself.

2. What’s detangling?

Seriously detangling isn’t a struggle anymore. Because there’s not that much hair to detangle anyways, so convenient guys !!

3. Style question

I find that whatever you do with short hair looks good, whether it’s a wash and go, twist out, finger coils, finger shingling it will look cute or hot (determining on the look you’re going for).

4. Hair care

I find that now that I have shorter hair. I spend more time with her. I don’t have the choice to just put it in my usual go to puff and leave the house as is.

5. Accessories

Hats are easier to put on without messing up my whole hair do. Aaaand my piercing is a hot accessory that compliments my hair.

6. New growth alert!

Since I cut my hair short, new growth is more visible as ever. I can actually see my hair growing. I’m saying this because with longer hair I had months were I felt like my hair wasn’t growing because it wasn’t as obvious.

7. Oh, hello there

With shorter hair my face is visible. It’s there. There’s no way to hide my face. No hair in my face .. Nothing like that and I’m loving it.

8. I’m different, and special. I’m different and special in every way imaginable.

Yes I kinda quoted Jill Scott here, but in a world where long hair is the goal. Short hair makes you stand out, and choosing to have short hair especially.

9. To wear or not to wear

Shorter hair gave me a reason to change up my closet. And just have fun with it. (Here’s another reason to go shopping😏)

I know with all these pros you’re wondering where the cons might be.

1. Barber, barber where art thou?

With a tapered twa like mine. Neatness especially with the shorter sides is a necessity. Meaning regular visits to the barber are a must. (That is if you’re not planning on growing it out).

That’s about all the cons I have. Oh wait, of course there’s a con of people having an opinion on how you should you wear your hair. But don’t they always?!

Keep winning Kings and Queens.

Love always,


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Hi I'm Marion A Natural Hair lover living in Germany. Taking this journey called life one step at a time with all its ups and downs, highs and lows with no filter whatsoever. LOVE always, Marion LOVE always, M.

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