Women Crush Wednesday – Frestlene Rene

It’s Wednesday again, and today I’m crushing hard on this beautiful soul!

Her name: Frestlene Rene

Her mane: Insane!! (In a good way of course, you can see for yourselves)

I found her on instagram and just had to do an interview with her, so here we go..

MFL: Hey beautiful! Thank you so much for doing the interview with me. Let’s get right to it: What made you decide to go (return) natural?
F.R.: I wanted something different. I was never a big fan of perms, so returning natural just felt so right. it was been one of the best decisions I have made.
MFL: How do you deal with lazy hair days?
F.R.: On my lazy hair days, I turn to a fancy turban. i usually have twists or plaits underneath.
MFL: I’m sure you hear that a lot. But it doesn’t hurt saying it again, right?! Your hair is just AMAZING, what’s your secret?

F.R.: Hehehehehe; thank you!! My secret is water. I always try my best to keep my hair moisturized at all time.


MFL: Did you do the big chop or did you transition and why?

F.R.: I did the Big Chop because it would give me that “something different” I was looking for.


MFL: Having a hair regimen is one of the things that keeps your hair healthy. What does your hair regimen look like?

F.R.: I have been using the “Water-only” method. I do a couple things different, but the main idea is washing my hair with water. Every two weeks (when my hair is not in a protective style) I apply Olive Oil to my hair and leave it in for about two hours; I then thoroughly rinse my hair focusing on my scalp. To seal in that moisture, I apply my homemade whipped Shea Butter mix.


MFL: Biggest mistake you’ve made when it comes to your hair?

F.R.: Hmmmm the biggest mistake I have made when it comes to my hair is thinking grease would moisturize [my] hair. I use to think it is the products that would moisturize [my] hair. I was completely wrong! lol

MFL: What’s your go-to hairstyle?
F.R.: I do not think that I have a specific go-to hairstyle. I always change it up. I love my Twist-outs, Bantu knot-outs and Perm rod sets.
MFL: 2016 is right around the corner. What are your new years resolutions when it comes to love, life and (of course) hair?

F.R.: I am a hopeless romantic, so my resolution for this coming year is to just keep loving hard. I have been in a relationship with this amazing man for two years now and I can not wait to spend a lifetime with him. My resolution for life is to just keep living. I don’t ever want to just exist; I want to live out my dream and goals. My resolution for my hair is to retain more length. I have been focusing on healthy hair, so now I just want to retain length. Long hair don’t care! lol


MFL: Looks like you’re all ready for 2016, I wish you the best of luck!! Thanks again for the interview!


You can find and follow her on instagram: @fret__

Love always,





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Hi I'm Marion A Natural Hair lover living in Germany. Taking this journey called life one step at a time with all its ups and downs, highs and lows with no filter whatsoever. LOVE always, Marion

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