FroLoveFriday – Yarn Locs

It’s FROLove Friday and part of loving your Fro is protecting itSo how about a review on Yarn Locs ?!

Last week I installed yarn locs on myself. Yay me!

THE number one thing that made me install them was the edgy, yet natural look to them, after that came the fact that yarn isn’t heavy at all! You don’t have that “I’m carrying 5kg on my head feeling” where your neck is just stiff and you can’t put your hair in a bun cause you might look a bit imbalanced while you’re walking (anyone ever been through that? Be honest!!). A very HUGE plus is that yarn is well,  very cheap compared to other hair you use for protective styling.  I paid 15 Euro for 10 bundles. Talk about saving money !

Sooo I decided to go for it and I love it, totally LUVIN it. They’re easy to maintain, something different and make you feel like you have got locs (listening to Feeling myself while I’m typing this).

I installed the hair, put it in a bun because I hadn’t done the middle part yet and went on with my day, came back home and finished it. And I must say I’m quite pleased.

I went for shoulder-length hair simply because letting yarn dry after washing your hair can be quite a handful. Air-drying is not an option, because it would take forever and a day. Best way to go about it is blow-drying the hair and well the longer the hair the more time consuming the whole process becomes.

Now here’s to the do’s (the don’ts are in the do’s)


  • Prepare your hair before you install them : Wash, Co-wash, Deep Condtion – you know the usual TLC (I’m saying usual because I do hope that’s how you treat your hair on the regular) and make sure your hair is stretched, super stretched
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize ! Before installing them AND after.
  • Make sure that it’s 100% acrylic yarn
  • Make sure to still care for your hair ( I know it’s easy to forget that you have your hair underneath, that needs attention… but don’t forget your hair, because you don’t want to get a nasty surprise when you undo your braids, weave, faux-locs or whatever.
  • Sleep in a satin bonnet. I can’t stress this enough. Yes, your hair might be in a protective hairstyle but there’s nothing protective about neglecting your hair.

You’re reading this and seeing the picture and thinking : Hmm maybe I should go for it ? You should!! And if you need someone to do them, well Myfrolover is right here, just hit me up. I’ll provide the yarn and everything and if you want, give your hair some tender loving care and treatment before we start.

Just contact me via email: or dm me on Instagram @myfrolover and let’s make some beautifuuuul yarn locs.

LOVE, always



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