Greeetings to you all !

Sooo after my video yesterday I figured theres wayyy too much visualization going on and it’s time for some R E A D I N G.

Today I’ve got a beautiful woman with me, who decided to do the Big Chop and has been rocking it so fiercely that she is making me consider cutting my hair… But that’s a story for another day.

Nora, who some of you may remember, because I wrote two articles on her transitioning hair…

Well Nora had been doing the Small Chop (cutting off her relaxed ends one day at a time) #SeeWhatIDidThair. Last month she finally took the big knife, and I must say she looks stunning and seems to just LOVE it, and I even more!! But why am I telling you everything, she might as well do it herself :

My plan was actually to transition, many people told me they liked my hair. I stopped relaxing and straightening in November 2013 so unless i had braids or weave I was rocking my fro, I started reading and looking up on transitioning hair.

I couldn’t stand my thinner relaxed hair anymore and my hair would tangle so much when I would shower I felt like holding onto the damaged ends was risking my new growths health.

I figured I’d rather get used to my natural hair and learn how to take good care of it whilst it is still short.

The main reason I didn’t want to cut it because I was afraid of what people would think but then I realized its my hair and I’m probably the only person who cares or is bothered about my hair so I decided to do it for me, at the end of the day, regardless of whether its long, short, curly, kinky, straight not everyone will like it and why do I even care to please everyone with my hair. But to be fair, it took me months to realise that, but once i was convinced of it, I took my pair of scissors and started cutting off bits each day ( Yes i cut my hair over a week, thought I’d allow myself to slowly get used to it). I didn’t want to waste my products and time on hair I was going to cut off and that was already damaged.

I deep condition once a week with olive oil and honey, I sleep with a head scarf on every night and sometimes braid my hair when I sleep. I moisturise twice a day, I use a moisturizer spray with jojoba oil and when I shower in the evening I don’t cover my hair. I co-wash once a week and I only use shampoo when i feel like my hair is really dirty, and after that I use my leave in conditioner. I use either my Leave-in conditioner or my Dr. Miracles spray for hair repair.

I plan on starting to do the Apple cider vinegar rinse once every six weeks, oh and i dont use combs or brushes anymore. I’ve seen healthy hair tangles a lot less, and I can manage to detangle with my fingers.

What do I know now? I know more about hair in general, I’ve been reading Dr Phoenyx Austens book ¨“If you Love It It Will Grow” (She’s awesome by the way, not just her hair but her whole lifestyle).

 I know what factors contribute to hair growth,exercise, balanced diet and a happy life, and of course taking good care.
I know not to buuy shampoos with sulphates.
I know not to towel dry my hair, not to play with my hair, to be cautious of what dyes to use.
I know about emollients, thats somerging I had no idea about, I can’t recall all the things I’ve learned but reading and watching videos has really helped me, and the fun thing is you can always learn more:) but the sucky thing is not all the tips you get work for you,main thing is patience.

Like I said already, nobody is phased by what your hair looks like, it is really just about YOU! That is probably the most important advice I would give anybody who wants healthy natural hair and is afraid of the big chop. The first week after I cut my hair I wasn’t really digging the look, I didn’t feel so pretty but I don’t think it was because my hair doesn’t look good, it was just the change that I wasn’t used to. Now I feel great about it and I’m confident about it, it just takes some getting used to. Even though I am a little obsessed with my hair, there are a lot more things about me that contribute to my beauty so I still feel as good-looking as I did before I cut my hair. I find natural, healthy hair beautiful not just long hair; length has little to do with how good your hair looks. It’s also a lot about how good you feel about your hair. Healthy, natural hair makes you feel good about yourself (BELIEVE ME) and when you feel good you are confident and confidence is ultimately what makes you beautiful (and sexy!).

Another thing you need to think about is “who do you want to attract in your life?” I want to attract people who like me for me and I don’t see why someone who likes me for me should have anything against my NATURAL hair. Obviously some people prefer other hair types, but we should accept the differences and embrace our I N D I V I D U A L I T Y. Someone who can’t accept who you really are is not somebody you want to have in your life.

I am ashamed to say I don’t know much about hair-types. Im like a 4a, 3c mixture (I think). I only cut my hair two and a half weeks ago so I can’t really tell what my hair will look like once it grows out, but I do have to say I am impressed at how it has been curling so far. I never really gave my hair a chance, I had been straightening since I was 12 and before that I often tied it (and I really can’t remember TBH). I was also super keen on going 100% natural because I noticed how even my relaxed hair started looking better just because I stopped straightening it so I’m super excited to see the outcome once I do it all right. I’m curious to find out what my hair is like!


I LOVE being Natural 🙂

Thanks Nora 🙂 I like it KINKY too 😉



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Hi I'm Marion A Natural Hair lover living in Germany. Taking this journey called life one step at a time with all its ups and downs, highs and lows with no filter whatsoever. LOVE always, Marion

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