2 YEAR anniHAIRsary


Hey I’m Marion and This is My Hairstory ..


I’ve been posting a lot of hair stories of other people so I figured it’s only right to post a little bit of my own hairstory today..
Yesterday was the 8th May meaning I’ve hit my two year mark of returning natural (YEAAAH ME!)
I big chopped (BC‘d) after transitioning for seven months.

My last relaxer was on the 12th October 2011 and I haven’t looked back since 🙂
So I figured I should do something special for my two year annihairsary (and yes that’s a new word it exists in my dictionary ).

I wanted to do something with my natural hair that I hadn’t done before, so as I was thinking about what to do, it just hit me ! Why not STRAIGHTEN it??
I know most naturalistas and naturalistos will start rolling their eyes  start giving me a lecture on heatdamage. But well I haven’t used any heat on my hair for two years and when you do it right there won’t be any damageor just a little for that matter.

So against all odds I just thought why not ?? Natural hair is so versatile that we can wear it in different ways so why not try it? After all one of my tips for spring was to try something new, something different (disclaimer: If you haven’t checked the article please do so: Seven Tips for Spring)
I had not used heat on my hair since my last relaxer so I was pretty nervous about it (well who am I kidding I was screaming and everything )my friend Sam who did it for me was pretty patient with me though..
These are the steps that I took before she flat ironed my hair
1. I co-washed (washing your hair with just a conditioner)it with my hello hydration conditioner by Herbal essences and detangled it partly with my fingers and also with my denman brush
2. Then I deep conditioned it with my avocado, olive oil and honey mix for 45 minutes, I made sure to spread the mix all over my hair not leaving any strand out! I did my nails in the mean time and cleaned my apartment (talk about multitasking) !

3. I rinsed out the deep conditioner and put my hair in large twists, and let it dry overnight

**What you can also do is blow dry your hair, which is a very fast way but involves heat or you can use african threading (due to the student hustle life I unfortunately didn’t have any african thread at hand ^^)
4. The next morning I opened the twists and finger detangled some more then I put my hair in 6 sections, I added just a little bit of water and glycerin, then coconut oil and then a little shea butter and braided it and covered it up with a beanie for almost the entire day, my braids didn’t look to nice and I didn’t want people in Uni to stare at me hence the beanie :))
5. When it was time to flat iron my hair, I added olive oil to every braided section and then I opened the braids and added olive oilagain (TIP: If you don’t have any heat protection at hand youcan useolive oil)photo 3

6. After all this was done, she started flat ironing it section by section with a rat tail comb leading the way for the flat iron ..
**The flat iron used was the BaByliss Pro Must Styler Nano Titanum
It took foreveeer but it was worth it !!!
Thank you Sam <3<3<3

photo 2

Because it was at night I wrapped my hair , and put on a scarf so that my hair would stay in place.

Here’s the finished product:

photo 1

Eventhough it’s not my beloved fro I’m actually liking it, it’s always good to switch things up .

I hope you like it !




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Hi I'm Marion A Natural Hair lover living in Germany. Taking this journey called life one step at a time with all its ups and downs, highs and lows with no filter whatsoever. LOVE always, Marion

2 thoughts on “2 YEAR anniHAIRsary

  1. Five years back when i cut off all my hair, i was going to stay natural for just five and then use relaxers once in two years… this was my goal. now my hair has the oddest growth pattern and i didnt understand this so in the five years, i cut my hair three maybe four times to level the lenght but of course the front just kept on growing waaaaay faster. now in all the five years, i never moisturized, i never oiled i never deep conditioned. nothing. it was a disaster i didnt know about and everytime i washed my hair, i used a hand dryer. lol. like i said in a previous comment, ist been one year since i started caring for my hair(just started deep conditioning five months ago). so i should probably say ist not exactly one year yet lol. i do want to try this blow drying bit though. no afro hair Salon where i live so will have to try using YouTube. Your finished look is great anyways!!! thank you Sam!!!

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