Transitioning Q&A

Many of my readers have been playing around the thought of going natural or better yet returning natural, it’s an important decision that requires a lot of information but also interest and time.

I have received some questions which I will be posting weekly.

First of all let’s get deeper into the word

“t r a n s i t i o n i n g”
Change or passage from one state or form to the other.


Bringing this into our natural vocabular it basically means

To change from relaxed, heat damage hair to completely natural hair

  • How is this process done ?

You basically stop whatever it is that has been damaging your hair and you start afresh by taking care of your hair…
Your new growth is the hair that you want to be all over your head. But here’s the tricky point :

Your new growth and your relaxed ends don’t have the same texture this leading to your hair being fragile especially at that point where both textures meet, (demarcation line) many people find it hard to deal with both textures

  • Is there a shortcut ?

Yes there is and you can find it in the word itself short and cut
Cutting your hair short, which is called the big chop

  • What if I’m not ready for that yet ?

That’s no problem in fact it shows your true determination and it will test your patience, it won’t be a walk in the park as a matter of fact it is going to be very devastating and frustrating at times, hair breakage is one of those things that will drive you to the point of madness.

Here are two very important and essential things every transitioner has to know:

1. Reality check

It’s great to get inspiration from others or having a particular hair goal before you start your journey, but remember that everyone is different! Don’t get too fixed on that one girls natural hair you love because you think that’s what your hair will look like. You might get disappointed and give up. It’s like having a Mercedes and seeing a Bentley and wishing your Merc will look the same way. Yes they are both cars but not the same.


2. Moisturize.

Just as you don’t want to die of dehydration, your hair will also be very thankful if it’s given water. There will be less breakage and your hair will be much easier to handle.

Shea moisture leave-in conditioner is what I recommend after shampooing and conditioning your hair it moisturizers your hair and adds volume to it, applying just a little leads to awesome results on my hair!

Also Hot oil treatments
1. Chose any oil of your liking
  • Avocado (for dry and frizzy hair)
  • Olive (keeps your ends from breaking)
  • Castor (strengthens your hair)
  • Coconut (helps to soften your hair)

* the Vatika oils are also very great!

2. Boil water on the stove
– when the water is hot take it off the stove
3. Now put your oil of choice in a container and put this in the water
*be careful to test how hot the oil is!!!
4. Section your hair in 4-8 parts and apply the oil from roots to ends, a great thing to do is to massage it in your scalp
5. Now put on a plastic cap for about 30-40 minutes
6.Rinse out the oil, shampoo and condition your hair

I promise you your hair will have a much better feel and will be silkier and shinier and softer!!!

There are tons of hairstyles , which we will get deeper into in the following posts that can help you manage your hair better.


If you have any questions regarding transitioning send me an email with the subject #transitiontuesday 

And I will make sure to answer them on the blog :))





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Hi I'm Marion A Natural Hair lover living in Germany. Taking this journey called life one step at a time with all its ups and downs, highs and lows with no filter whatsoever. LOVE always, Marion

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