Leslie’s Hair has Hair Story


Leslie, 23, Düsseldorf (Germany)













Myfrolover: Hey Leslie, what triggered your choice to go natural?

Leslie: It was actually my mom who inspired me..she’s been natural for 8 years and her hair is gorgeous 🙂 another reason was that my hair was pretty messed up and I didn’t want to relax again so I stopped doing it.

How long did it take you to transition ?

I had my last relaxer April 2011 and cut the relaxed ends off December 2011.

What reactions did you get?

My mum was proud of me and others thought it was cool… I didn’t rock my TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) that much though due to the cold weather I would wear hats and protective styles.

What are the joys and struggles of your journey ?

Joys hmmm I really love that my hair is so versatile I never get bored with it and it emphasizes my natural beauty more than anything else..My Struggle is definitely washing , detangling and SHRINKAGE!!! I sometimes wish i could skip these steps lol.

What is your hair routine?

My hair routine is pretty simple. I co-wash with the “A I am Cowash Cleansing Conditionor” every 10 days and apply “Giovanni Leave-in Conditionar” and Castor oil then put them in big braids so they stretch.After that I put my hair in a bun. I also use “ORS Hair Mayonnaise ” for Protein Treatment and “Shea Moisture Deep treatment mask” for Deep conditioning.

What is your go to style?

I used to love bantu knots but now I’m more into wearing buns.

Name three products you couldn’t live without

1.Castor Oil

2.Eco styler Gel

3.Giovanni leave-in conditioner 

Thanks a lot for the interview!!!

She’s not only a naturalista but she’s a great musician as well!! Check her out on YouTube !!



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Hi I'm Marion A Natural Hair lover living in Germany. Taking this journey called life one step at a time with all its ups and downs, highs and lows with no filter whatsoever. LOVE always, Marion

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