A woman’s hair is her crown and glory

But… Do I hide behind my hair? What if I shaved my hair off, all of it? And no the infamous Cassie side cut doesn’t count,  when I say all I mean all.

Would I feel less of a woman ? Or less girly?

Does my hair define my identity? For example: the longer the hair, the harder they stare and the prettier I feel?

You get that 24inch Malaysian,Peruvian,Mongolian hair and it boosts your confidence like crazy, it’s a great thing to expand your confidence through certain things but is it a great thing to let them be the source of your confidence?

We confuse glory with identity not realizing that glory is an achievement. Achievements are a result of processes which means it’s not everyday that I “have to have one”! My achievements ride on my identity! So even on the day that I don’t have achievements my identity is unaffected and still remains. Let’s take Beyoncé for example, her songs are her achievements but she doesn’t have to release one everyday for her to still be Queen Bey  a great musician.

So don’t let the thought of short and kinky/curly/coily, bald or doing the Big Chop make you feel less beautiful.So many of us are scared to do the big chop, the great BC (cutting off all your relaxed ends, and even shaving your hair off) because of that, but trust me, the thought is a lot scarier than the action.

Infact, I felt a certain relief after cutting off my hair, a certain kind of freedom… for about 20 minutes, and then came horror mode, cussing myself for cutting off my hair, wondering what had driven me to make such a stupid stupid mistake ! It’s normal. Our mind has to get used to all of these things even the fact that you look like a 12 year old. But once you embrace it you realize things about your face that you were never really aware of and no, having a ponytail to the back and having your hair pulled to the back doesn’t count either :)).Once you have cut it, you can’t just magically loosen that hair and let it fall back in place. But what you can do is love it and get to know your hair, it’s the best time to do so. Don’t YOU DARE!!!! hide it under a weave or wig or braids “until it grows” where’s the fun in all of that?

So let me correct that statement , because not everyone can flaunt their mane and whip their hair back and forth, not everyone wakes up *flawless*, some lose their hair because of sickness, others because of stress and others just decide to cut it or shave it off…

A woman’s hair, whether short or long, when rocked by her identity, is her crown and glory


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Hi I'm Marion A Natural Hair lover living in Germany. Taking this journey called life one step at a time with all its ups and downs, highs and lows with no filter whatsoever. LOVE always, Marion

4 thoughts on “ˈglɔːri

  1. This was beautifully written Marion. I totally agree with everything you said and I believe that a woman can rock any length as long as she has her most important accessory- confidence!

  2. Great article!!i love it.for me going natural was somehow learning to know my self. 🙂 what really matters is to enjoy the trip not really getting the length. Keep it up!!

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